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  1. A New Look- featuring/Rebecca Peck, Dianne Wilkinson

  2. Power In Those Bones- featuring Arthur Rice/Dianne Wilkinson, Arthur Rice

  3. More Like Jesus- featuring Ensemble, Arthur Rice/Dennis Murphy

  4. The Chain Gang- featuring Jeff Chapman/ Mark Bishop

  5. As Many Times- featuring Ensemble, Arthur Rice/Rodney Griffin

  6. Pieces- featuring Jerry Martin/Dennis Murphy

  7. Saving Us A Place In The Choir- featuring Ensemble/ Rebecca Peck, Dianne Wilkinson

  8. Never Made A Promise- featuring Brian Alvey/Kenna West, Sue C. Smith, Lee Black

  9. God’s Gonna Do More- featuring Jerry Martin/Terry and Barbi Franklin

  10. Pass The Torch- featuring Arthur Rice/Sandy Knight, Jeff Collins

  11. The Church Will Overcome- featuring Brian Alvey/Dianne Wilkinson


The Kingdom Heirs have experienced some change in personnel in recent years with the departure of founder and baritone Steve French, but this has not had a negative effect on the group at all. The Sonlite recording artists have produced yet another quality album with their 2015 mainline release A New Look. This is the first mainline project with new baritone Brian Alvey who adds his smooth voice to this already stellar lineup featuring longtime members Arthur Rice (Lead) and Jeff Chapman (Bass), and Jerry Martin (Tenor) now in his fourth year with the group. This lineup has already released a table project called “From The Redbook Volume 4” which I previously reviewed.

This recording begins with an incredible up-tempo convention style song co-written by longtime Kingdom Heirs collaborator Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck called “A New Look.” This fun song says to take a new look at the Bible and see what it has to say. The Lord speaks to us through his word and we need to pay attention to His voice. Arthur Rice takes the lead on the powerful ballad “Power In Those Bones” which he co-wrote with Dianne Wilkinson. This well written track tells us to keep the faith and spread His Word to the lost. Do not grow weary for there is still work to be done! God is faithful and what we do for Him will never die. There is still power in those bones!! Next, drummer Dennis Murphy’s “More Like Jesus” is a typical Kingdom Heirs style mid-tempo quartet song that features Arthur on the verse. It simply says I want to be more like Jesus every day! I want to walk, talk, and live with Jesus every day! The first single from the record is the Mark Bishop penned “The Chain Gang” which is a country flavored tune featuring the low bass tones of Jeff Chapman. This unique song tells of the saving power of Jesus Christ. He came to break the chains of sin and free us from the Devil’s hold. Chapman continues to prove with this song that he is one of greatest bass singers on the road today. The Kingdom Heirs are known for their up-tempo quartet songs and the next song fits right in! “As Many Times” written by Rodney Griffin features Arthur on the verses and Jeff and later Jerry Martin on the step-out lines in the chorus. This barn burner simply states that as many times as Satan reminds me of my sinful past, I will point him to the Cross! Jerry Martin takes the lead on the thought provoking and powerful ballad “Pieces” written by Dennis Murphy. This incredible song says that God took the pieces of a life that was broken and made you new again. We are His chosen! Your life will change when you meet Jesus, so bring Him the pieces! Amen! What an incredibly moving message!! Peck and Wilkinson are back with another upbeat convention style song with “Saving Us A Place In The Choir” which features incredible four part harmony with each member singing a distinct part in the chorus. Brian Alvey’s first feature on this recording is the tender hearted ballad of praise called “Never Made A Promise.” This beautiful lyric written by Kenna West, Sue Smith and Lee Black simply says that God has never made a promise that He does not keep. He will never leave me nor forsake me and His grace is sufficient for me! Alvey’s performance is outstanding and truly solidifies his place in the quartet. His voice is a welcome addition to the sound of the group. This anthem could be his signature song with the group as far as I’m concerned. Next, Jerry once again takes the lead this time on the upbeat quartet song “God’s Gonna Do More” which says that if you are living like you should, God is gonna do more than you can ever imagine. God is our provider and is the God who will supply. “Pass The Torch” is a call to action for believers. This incredible song features the powerful lead voice of Arthur Rice and says we must carry the torch of Christ and spread His Word. This stellar collection of songs closes with the groovy “The Church Will Overcome” featuring Brian Alvey. This song, very much in the same vein of “Singing In The Midnight Hour” by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, is also a call to action as we must stand up and place our faith in Jesus Christ, the Creator of the universe.


The last few recordings by the Kingdom Heirs (We Will Stand Our Ground, Redeeming The Time, and Redbook Volume 4) have been among my favorite Kingdom Heirs records of recent years. I can say without a doubt that this recording joins that list. This project has everything that I look for in a quartet album: production quality, excellent vocals (including great tenor and bass solos), great messages, and well written songs. Definitely one of the best Kingdom Heirs projects as well as one of the best records of this year. Each member got a chance to shine on this project. Arthur Rice sounds better than ever on his standout solos on “Power In Those Bones” and “Pass The Torch.” Jeff Chapman delivers some of his best work on “The Chain Gang” and hits some incredible low notes on the convention style songs. Brian Alvey’s performance on “Never Made A Promise” was fantastic and the casual listener would assume that he had been with the group for years. Jerry Martin turns in his best performance ever, in my humble opinion, on the powerful ballad “Pieces.”

This album is a MUST BUY for fans and casual listener as well!!

Go out and get this amazing recording now!!!

5 out of 5 stars!

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